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Some time ago a crack bicycle mechanic closed down his shop because to suppliers terms he couldn't commit. This man promptly found workshop space in the Northumberland underground. Today, he survives servicing bicycles by appointment. If your bike has a problem... if no one else can help... and, if you can find him, maybe you can hire Mark Breeze.

Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

We stock all of the usual servicable components to maintain your bike and can supply parts to order for repairs and upgrades. If you prefer, we are happy to fit any parts that you may wish to source y ourself and can be available for consulatation to help ensure that you source the correct parts for your needs.

Custom Builds

Cervelo R5 Against Log Pile

If you are in need of some help putting together your dream machine, we can take you through a consultation process to help you find the right frame and groupset for your budget, then assemble the bike from the ground up. With over twenty years experience assembling anything from wheels to time-trial and triathlon bikes with complex cable routing, we can handle anything that you thow at us.

Tubes, Tyres, Odds and Ends

We have a number of ancillary items for sale at favourable prices. These range from inner tubes and lighting to a small selection of sports nutrition products. Message us to see if we are able to meet your order requirements.

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